Professional Services

Our Professional Services portfolio provides the most comprehensive planning, implementation, coordination, optimization, integration and evaluation support services in the market. We support Local, State, Federal, Department of Defense, and the private sector with a full range of service disciplines along with consultative expertise. DLS Management is committed to provide our customers with exceptional depth of resources to deliver expertise to address organizational need for a full range of services.


 As your trusted adviser, we walk with you every step of the way to include the following:


  •   Program/Project Management includes all
      services related to leading, facilitating,
      and ensuring   the strategic planning, implementation,
      coordination, integration, and evaluation of
      programmatic activities.


  •   Financial Management that ensure quality planning,
      directing,  monitoring, auditing, organizing, and
      controlling of the monetary resources.


  •   Acquisition Management includes all services related
      to contract administration, procurement support,
      acquisition policy and systems support,
      and closeout activities.


  •   Engineering providing special knowledge in consulting,
      investigating, evaluating, planning and designing,
      engineering principles that allow us to co-create
      solutions with you to address  your specific needs.


  •   Information Technology providing special knowledge
      in  consulting, investigating, evaluating, planning
      and designing engineering principles that
      allow us to co-create solutions with  you to
      address your specific needs.